1 Key Reason for Using Hashtags on Twitter

1 Key Reason for Using Hashtags on Twitter - William Sipling

Hashtags: you should be using them.

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According to Kissmetrics, adding hashtags to your Tweets will help you dominate your search engine rankings. Basically, using hashtags will help your SEO1.

Why? Google users are beginning to use hashtags in their queries, it will unify your social media “conversation,” and it will add to your Google Author Rank.

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How to Market on Social Media: Five Easy Tips

How to Market on Social Media - William Sipling

Where do you even begin?

“There are entire companies that do social media marketing—how am I even supposed to get started?”

I’m going to show you five easy tips that you can do today that will help you get followers or fans, build credibility, and develop your audience or tribe. After reading this post, you’ll have five actionable steps to take that will result in results for your social media marketing!

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