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I’m William Sipling. This blog is about social science, philosophy, theology, and various related fields (such as education, technology, and leadership).


My work is in communications at Dallas Theological Seminary, where I’m also a student in the Master of Biblical and Theological Studies program. I also enjoy working on various digital communication projects for non-profits and church groups. My job is pretty great because I get to work at the intersection of education, PR, student services, and Christian culture. My job includes everything from front-end web development, to project management, and press release writing.

Previously, I’ve worked in ministry, where I’ve led youth and adult educational programs and preached regularly. In my spare time, I worked with incarcerated populations dealing with transitional and substance abuse cessation issues. A couple of years have been spent in advertising, where my job titles have included “copywriter and designer” to “digital marketing director.” Before working at DTS, I was employed as a corporate trainer in retail technology. From K-12 educators to MBA graduates, from just launched-startups to global businesses, I got to be involved in various aspects of instruction and guidance.


There are several research interests on my short list—and I’m always looking for folks who would be interested in partnering for academic writing/editing/publishing.

  • The adverse effects of prescription decongestant and nicotine addiction cessation nasal sprays
  • Theological/sociological examinations of the Stone-Campbell new religious movement
  • Heterophenomenological reactions and religious experience (from multiple worldview perspectives)
  • Interpersonal/intercultural/personal analysis of Edward Bernays
  • Trinitarian heresies
  • Theological, sociological, psychological, scientific, and therapeutic meta-analysis regarding positive vs. negative outcomes of integrated vs. nouthetic counseling theory/technique
  • Analysis of psychopathy indicators correlated to outcomes of popular personality inventory testing (e.g., StrengthsFinder)

Check out ConfessionalEvangelical.com, a project of mine focused on “conversation and convergence with traditional faith,” to come alongside “evangelical Christians on a journey into sacred space and worship.”


I am a member of a Reformed Episcopal Church (ACNA) parish in Dallas, TX.

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