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Mysticism and Terrence Malik’s “Knight of Cups”

Presented March 12, 2021. at the Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA), 52nd Annual Convention. Malick’s 2015 Knight of Cups portrays the chaotic-yet-cathartic life of a Hollywood screenwriter and his spiritual ascent out of decadence towards existential meaning. With the backdrop of John Bunyan’s 17th century allegory, the prison epistle The Pilgrim’s Progress, and the constant […]

Psychology and Religion Encyclopedia Articles: “Fundamentalist Pastoral Care” and “Sanctification”

Two articles are set to be included in the upcoming 2019 (3rd edition) of Springer’s Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion. These are now available on the online version of the resource. Fundamentalist Pastoral Care abstract: Fundamentalist pastoral care refers to sets of helping professions and ministries that derive methods and techniques from biblical exegesis or application […]

Platform and Estranged Labor – Social Capital-ists, Influencers, and Digitally Mediated Communities

At the International Social Theory Consortium 2018 Conference at Loyola Chicago, I presented a paper entitled “Platform and Estranged Labor— Social Capital-ists, Influencers, and Digitally Mediated Communities.” Read on Read on ResearchGate Abstract: Digitally-mediated communities have the power to create vast networks of individuals who, though sometimes sharing only marginal similarities and interests, are able to […]

Reviving Eucharistic Sacramentalism: Seeing and Celebrating

I’ve posted my “summative research project” from my master’s at Dallas Theological Seminary at Feel free to explore some of my recent writing. Read or Download on I’ve also compiled the paper into a more ebook-like version. You can download that here. Read or Download eBook