Ron Citlau is a lead pastor, writer, and same-sex struggler. His book covers mostly good theology, but connections with “reparative therapy” are questionable.


Ron Citlau is a lead pastor, writer, Cubs fan, and “same-sex struggler.” Ordained in the Reformed Church in America and a Western Seminary grad, he brings both personal experience and a biblically conservative framework to this new book Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted: Biblical Direction for Friends, Family Members, and Those Struggling with Homosexuality.

This writing is not intended to be a theological treatise regarding homosexuality. Citlau has co-written a book with Adam T. Barr (with a forward from Kevin DeYoung) called Compassion without Compromise which covers that ground. This is similar to other works such as Messy Grace by Dr. Caleb Kaltenbach, in which the point is to provide testimonies and biblical reasoning for Christians who are wondering about how best to interact with their LGBTQI+ friends and family.

My Thoughts

Citlau doesn’t say that marriage is the answer, or that one should hope that they can simply pray away what might be a genetically-driven desire—no bad advice like that. However, the author is partnered with the Restored Hope Network and Desert Stream/Living Waters, organizations which recommend “reparative therapy” which many (including myself) believe to be psychologically and pastorally “counterproductive.”

All in all, the book could be an excellent resource for a Christian who may not be familiar with interacting with those who have a same-sex attraction. The testimonies in the book and Citlau’s viewpoints may help Christians step into another’s shoes more easily. While the theology regarding sin and justification seem to be accurate, I am very cautious to recommend the book, knowing that the author seems to be of the opinion that reparative therapy and counseling in that vein are ideologies he supports.

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