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Psychology and Religion Encyclopedia Articles: “Fundamentalist Pastoral Care” and “Sanctification”

Two articles are set to be included in the upcoming 2019 (3rd edition) of Springer’s Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion. These are now available on the online version of the resource.

Fundamentalist Pastoral Care abstract: Fundamentalist pastoral care refers to sets of helping professions and ministries that derive methods and techniques from biblical exegesis or application within the context of church and pastoral interventions. Adherents to fundamentalist pastoral care practices are often within the spectrum of conservative and evangelical Christian communities which provide care based upon theories such as biblical or nouthetic counseling, and by utilizing practices such as reparative therapy.

Sanctification abstract: Sanctification refers to the process of continuous bio-psycho-spiritual growth toward transcendent and transformative goals through the means of religious observance, personal improvement, and prosocial communal activity. The original Latin means “to make set apart,” indicating an evolutionary, iterative, or progressive change from a “pre-holy” state to a “becoming-holy” state (McGrath 1996).

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